Electrical Testing and Inspections

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All our installations are tested and inspected to BS 7671 IEE Wiring regulations. Scott Electrical Services are registered with the NICEIC and NICEIC Test certificates will be issued on completion of each project.

Periodic Inspections / BS7671

Over time all electrical installations will deteriorate. Legislation requires that all electrical installations are maintained in a safe condition and therefore be periodically inspected and tested to BS7671.

Periodic inspection and testing is carried out with five objectives in mind:

  • to ensure that people and livestock are saved from the effects of electric shock and burns
  • to prevent potential fire and heat damage caused by a defect in the electrical installation
  • to check that the electrical installation has not become unsafe though deterioration or damage
  • to make sure that there are no electrical installation defects or evidence of non- compliance with the current regulation which might be dangerous
  • to meet insurance company requirements

Scott Electrical Services has both trained and skilled staff and the wide range of experience that is needed to guarantee the complete safety of your electrical installation.

After the periodic inspection is complete we will explain whether or not there is any recommended remedial work required and provide you with a quotation for any works that need to be carried out.

When to arrange a periodic inspection:

It is advised that the following types of premises are tested at the following frequency:

Property TypeFrequency
Shops5 years
Offices 5 years
Educational establishments5 years
Hospitals 5 years
Public Houses / restaurants 5 years
Churches / Halls 5 years
Laboratories 5 years
Industrial 3 years
Places of pubic entertainment 3 years
Cinema / leisure complexes (ex swimming pools) 3 years
Agriculture / Horticulture 3 years
Caravans 3 years
Emergency Lighting 3 years
Fire Alarms 1 year
Caravan Sites 1 year
Swimming pools 1 year

The reports will include a summary of the electrical inspection report stating the condition of the electrical installation, including:

  • Adequacy of earthing and bonding
  • Suitability of switchgear / control gear i.e. consumer unit
  • Type of wiring and its condition
  • Serviceability of equipment i.e. switches, sockets, light fittings
  • Presence of adequate identification / notices
  • Extent of wear and tear, damages, etc
  • Any changes in use of premises which may lead to different requirements